Growing up, Nicolas learned the lessons and values from his parents that guide him to this day. Nicolas’s father was a truck driver while his mother worked as a telephone operator, a bus driver, and a union steward. As the son of a proud, Black, working class family, he witnessed first hand the frustrations with the social, political, and cultural realities of his family, and their communities. His parents taught him that anything worth having would require work, to not give up, and to stay dedicated to what he knew was possible.

Today’s stagnant minimum wage and the increasing costs of living are putting intense pressure on families across our city. Nicolas is dedicated to working with the City Council to find and implement aggressive solutions to improve the present and push for a better future.

Philadelphians deserve a city where policy is based on finding fair and just solutions for all Philadelphians. To build this Philly, we need leaders who are connected to the realities of everyday working folks like Nicolas.

As a community leader in Philadelphia at his church, Nicolas has learned about the struggles his communities faced. These stories motivated Nicolas to activism and organizing work where he has become an outspoken advocate to improve the experience of working Philadelphians. Nicolas is dedicated to creating a Philadelphia with jobs that pay a living and a decent wage, homes Philadelphians can afford, schools they can be proud of and streets they feel safe in. Working families, today more than ever, need someone like Nicolas on the City Council, an activist with a proven record of fighting for them.

Today in Philadelphia; teachers in our public schools have to dip into their own wallets to buy school supplies, families live in their cars because they can't afford housing, and people in this city are afraid to walk down their own block for fear of safety. Nicolas is running for City Council, because Philadelphians deserve a just Philly. He will be honored to lend his leadership, rage, and his joy, to making that possible.