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Building a Philadelphia for the many, not the few.

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“My name is Nicolas O’Rourke

I’m running for one of Philadelphia’s City Council At-Large Seat as a member of the Working Families Party.

I am running this campaign as a son of working class parents who taught me the value of dedication, pride in your work, love and joy. I am running as a community leader who has deep connections to the needs of folks across the city. And I am running as a citizen, just like you, who wants to live in a city where we can find good paying jobs, afford homes for our families, feel safe on our streets, and send our kids to schools we can be proud of.

I hope you’ll join our campaign and support me to build a more just Philly.”

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Our campaign relies on grassroots donations.

Advance climate justice.

The climate crisis is here, and it’s being felt in working-class and communities of color across Philadelphia. From investing in green solutions for our lower income neighborhoods to creating green solutions in our schools, we can reduce the impact of climate change in Philadelphia together.

Create an economy that supports families.

Every Philadelphian deserves the opportunity to have stable work, a living wage, secure benefits and protections in their workplace, and an economy where they can thrive.

Develop affordable, accessible housing.

The housing in Philadelphia is becoming less affordable and accessible and new development isn’t meeting the needs of our city. We need to build on the momentum of the City Council’s work to prevent evictions and create more protections for tenants by working to develop new truly affordable housing for all Philadelphians. 

Eliminate gun violence.

Like many of you, I have felt the effects of gun violence first hand as it continues to run through my community in Philadelphia. I am concerned about the safety of our community, especially as our youth continue to be impacted by gun violence at alarming rates.

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